by Rooke

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released July 23, 2011

lyrics & music by Steven Sams
audio engineering by Daniel Derk
recorded at Stoneside Productions, Forest Park, GA
artwork: Matthew Schaffer
musicians: Keena Graham (vocals), Tim Hemphill (drums), Steven Sams (6- and 12-string acoustic guitar, tenor banjo, acoustic bass, vocals), Chandler Smith (keyboards)



all rights reserved


Rooke Atlanta, Georgia

About twenty-four years together now in some combination or other! Visit our site to listen to songs, watch videos, post positive reviews, or remember good times.

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Track Name: Wish You Would
Lining up people on the right side-- Ab Eb Fm Cm
Gathering them all to play--
So hard to get them all on my side--
As long it happens today. Bb Bb Db Eb
I’m always thinking on the wrong side—
Can’t figure anyone else out.
Do you want to be on my side?
Or have I already pushed you out?

In the end only a few things matter now, Db Ab Eb Ab
And I’m sorry if I ever shut you out.
Go ahead. Make it blunt.
I’m the last one—I’m the runt.
Go ahead. Tell the truth,
That you thought I was uncouth.
Go ahead, baby mine.
Did you think that I was lying?
Go ahead. Wish I could.
I only wish you would.

All kinds of people on their own side,
Trying to stare each other down.
Nobody looking on the bright side,
And still they wonder why the frown.
I’ve started thinking on the light side,
By starting everything anew,
And if it crumbles to the wayside,
At least I know I reached out to you.
Track Name: Warm Up the Room
Narrow your eyes at me. C/D
Watch my falling asleep. Am/Bm
Now, your eyes, they F/G
Look sleepy, too. G7/A7

But you’re not on the edge of
Darkness. Gray pools of light
Shine on my face as they
Turn baby blue.

Hold me close, C/D G/A G+/A+
Night-enclosed, E/F# Am/Bm
Cause the sun F/G C/D
Will come way too soon. Bdim7/C#dim7

Open those
Tall windows
Cause our love
Will warm up the room.

Ceiling lights in patchwork,
Stars on six walls surround
Me. I float within a
Dark silver cube.

You, you’re not far away,
Barely one foot maybe
Though it’s like a mile
‘cross comets bloom.

Summer nights can fly. Gsus4/Asus4 G/A
Now, we’re only shy of time. C/D F/G Cmaj7/Dmaj7
Time. Fmaj7 (B sus)/Gmaj7 (C# sus) Cmaj7/ Dmaj7 Fmaj7 (B sus)/ Gmaj7 (C# sus) G6/A6
Track Name: I Fell Down a Mine
:G Bm:
There’s trouble at the surface of a deep blue sea. :G D C D:
There’s trouble in your eyes—woe is me!
There’s anger in the clouds; thunderbolts abound.
There’s anger in your words, for they make no sound.

When there’s something wrong in your mind, Em D
It feels like I fell down a mine. G C
Yes, it feels like I stumbled and I tumbled out of time. G D C D G

There’s horror in your hands as you make a fist.
There’s horror in the darkness, waiting in the mist.
There’s sadness in the way that you’re talking slow.
There’s sadness you won’t tell me, so I think I’ll never know.

Time to tap your fingers and grimace and wait. :G Bm: D C D G
Track Name: Maybe
Maybe— G/C Em/Am
I can’t promise you’ve made me. C/F D/G G/C Em/Am
Don’t wanna make you lazy, C/F D/G G/C Em/Am
So just keep working on your lines. C/F D/G G/C C/F G/C D7/G7

No, I haven’t gone crazy.
Don’t know if I am faking,
And maybe one day you’ll be mine.

I’m of two minds, but you are of one. :Em/Am C/F G/C B7/E7:
If you make me make decisions, I’ll run.
And maybe you’ll catch up. :Am/Dm Am7/Dm7 Em/Am:

I like your confidence shaky.
And you’re mumbling and quaky.
But I think you’re doing fine.

Love is waiting
Or fading.
(Heh) Maybe—mmm, maybe. Oh, maybe.
Track Name: Love on One Side
I am not afraid of spiders. Eb Ab
I have masks of ugly things that cling to walls Db Eb
And bark at nothing. Ab
It is nothing less than torture Eb Ab
To see signs of simple flings. Would you bring her shawl Db Eb
When it’s cold as morning? Ab
Cold as morning. Eb Ab

Do you listen to the radio? Eb Ab
There is time for fiddle strings in broken halls Db Eb
Of autumn scorning. Ab
There is love on one side. Eb Fm
I am thinking of the wings Db Eb
That push my hand down. Ab
South is a warning. Eb Bb
But south should be warming. Db Ab

The globe is blue. Eb Ab
I can feel the mountains, Eb Fm
Lines askew, Eb Ab
Rippling like a fountain, Eb Ab
Flowing like a fountain, Eb Fm
Falling off a mountain. Eb Ab
Track Name: The Garden
Two drops of rain have fallen Bm
Soft upon my brow. F#m
I shouldn’t stand in the garden. Em G
So wet, the leaves are sullen,
Sunk toward the ground.
Still in such a scene, the heart can’t harden.

Cause in the distance, I see rows of marigold, A X 2 G D
And the pedals on which my fortune’s told. A X 2 G D

I am waiting here, but I’m not lost. G D G D
I’m just waiting for the dew to turn to frost. C A D G
I am waiting here, and I am cold. G D G D
I’m just waiting for the flowers to grow old. G D A Bm

Two stepping stones are sideways,
Veering off the path.
I always walk in the morning.
So pale, the sun is shining
Barely through the leaves.
Dark the shape elliptical, a thorn ring.
Track Name: See to Feel
Fighting every day C F C
And crying on the way. C F C
It all falls down on you, F G D
The hatred from the blue. F G C
Darkness in your life.
Something isn’t right.
Silence forms a fist,
Bruises on the wrist.

The sunbeams for a time were real. F Am
You only had to see to feel. F Am
Now you put your hands around you, F G C F
Hoping it will heal. G F C

You don’t have to stay,
But you’ll never run away.
The screaming isn’t true,
But it stings the same to you.
Hurry, pass the gate,
Before another starts to bate.
The freedom in your ears,
A fake home for your fears.

Time to sing the lullaby
Your mother would sing when you would cry.
Now it’s time to build your home
From rocks and glue and broken bones.
Track Name: Sorry Sometime
:Gdim7 F#dim7:
[instrumental] Em C G B7 (or F#dim7)
[with verses] Em D G B7
I apologized
For the way I behaved.
I had to say something;
I couldn’t let it stay.
You said nothing,
Though you were equally wrong.
You kept it inside,
And looked away.
But you’re gonna have to be sorry sometime. C Em
But you’re gonna have to say sorry sometime. C Em G B7

I cleaned the room
And put our clothes away,
Folded them so neatly,
Stacked in their place.
You went out the door,
Walking outside—did it help?
You mentioned the cool, fresh air,
And continued to hide. You can hide...
But you’re gonna have to say sorry sometime.

:Gdim7 F#dim7:
I love you still
Even though I’m mad at you now.
But if you want to make me happy tonight,
Baby, you already know how.-
Just say... sorry right now.
You only have to say sorry right now.
Track Name: Hollow
He muddles through as his soul breaks, Bm Bm G D
Giving all his effort as his heart aches,
Bending over backwards just to keep the peace,
Stepping sideways. Sinking silence, now that he’s
Hollow, hollow. A Bm A Bm

Never worry if the words are weak and wrong G A D G
Cause love is often understood,
And never worry ‘bout emotions all along
Because the motions ought to make the mood.
At least they should. D G

He told his friend about his hesitance,
Opened up to questions and some hard parlance.
No one should suffer on a silent sea
When a friend is there to lend an ear, cause friends can see
When you’re hollow, hollow.

He looked around and saw such opulence.
He didn’t dare to dive in decadence.
Soul-wracked rollercoaster—win a wild ride.
Tickets now on sale, but he must prove he tried.
Hollow, hollow.
Track Name: More & More & More
You led reins of silence out the door. Cm/Dm Ab/Bb Eb/F
You showed the hollow darkness what light is for. Bb/C Ab/Bb Eb/f

Every day and night you’re showing Gm/Am
How you’re gonna keep on loving me Bb/C
More and more Eb/F Ab/Bb
More and more Eb/F Ab/Bb
More and more and more. Eb/F Ab/Bb F7/G7 Bb7/C7

You put a rope around the sun and moon.
You have inspired each and every tune.

Every day and night you’re proving
How your words are soft and soothing me...

You, like origami paper, folded dove,
Tucked away, my pocket holds a treasure trove.

Every day and night you’re showing
How you’re gonna keep bestowing on me
More and more...
Track Name: Sorrow
Sorrow, bounce the monster on your knees. F#m C#(sus E) F#m
Sorrow, would you listen to me, please? F#m C#(sus E) F#m E
Deep inside the dark, could we find the smallest spark A E D F#m
‘fore the vines suck all the blood out of the leaves? F#m C#(sus E) F#m

Sorrow, is the sugar getting low?
A year went by—we really didn’t know.
I’ll be going soon. Will that make a little room?
Sorrow watching high like the crow.

You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. :F#m D7: (X4)

Sorrow, hesitation costs you dear.
Sorrow, I know the end is near.
Lover, lover, love, down below or up above.
The walls make such a perfect frame for fear.
Track Name: Plea
Spend a little time with me Am G Em
Bet I can help you breathe C C Em
We can fly to the top of the tallest of towers, see G D Em
Views over parks and fountains green C B7 Em
Where we will wait for the moon to rise Am G Em
On the high, over hill, survive C C Em

Spend a little time with me
Bet I can make you happy
We can run down the alleyways to our safety, trees
Staggered with lamplight, southern seas
Where we will wait for the sun to rise
Dark silhouette, to thrive

None of this can happen if you don’t come see me. :Am Em:
I said none of this can happen if you don’t believe me.

Take a little help from me.
Come afternoon, be free.
We will dance in the center of tourist-dappled zones
In a collage of ancient stones.
Where we will wait for the stars to sigh
And ignore the passersby.

None of this can happen if you don’t come see me. :Am Em:
I said none of this can happen if you don’t believe me.

There aren’t many chances like today Am D7 G B7
There aren’t many places like this place, Am D7 Gmaj7
Hear my plea, F# (E sus) Bm Bb
Spend a little time with me. Am G Em

None of this can happen if you don’t come see me. :Am Em:
I said none of this can happen if you don’t believe me.
Track Name: The Same Could Be Said
Can you see through the shadow? Fm G7
Can you hear behind the wall? Fm G7
We will never know the right choices to make. Eb Bb
We will never know the paths we ought to take. Fm G7

But the same could be said C F C G
For every day of our lives
And the same could be said
For the dark in our night
But it matters not to us Dm G7
Until some fortune points it out, C F
But we say, that’s a matter for tomorrow; Dm G7
We’ll figure it out. C F
We’ll figure it out. G Am
We’ll figure, we’ll figure it out. F G Csus4 C9

Can you see more in the crystal?
Is there any more to say?
We will never know the outcome of the game.
We will never know the worthiness of blame.
Track Name: Depression Lifts
On a stair Eb
Deserted there Ab
It’s never gonna be the same Eb Bb

At the gallery
In section D
I stared into an empty frame

And I thought of all my fears and all my tears
And then I pushed them all away

Depression lifts if you want it to :Eb Ab Bb Ab:
Heaviness you push on through

The other side
Is light and free
The other side depends on me

And I thought of all my fears and all my tears
And then I pushed them all away

Depression lifts if you want it to
Heaviness you push on through

Depression lifts like the morning fog Cm Bb
Or the har from off the sea, Eb Ab
And the people in the city
Are the people who they want to be.